#TrainGate – Strip TAX EXILE Branson’s Knighthood

Ignoring Brexit; #TrainGate has quickly become the most reported and talked about political issue of the year. It’s bigger than Theresa May scrapping the Human Rights Act. It’s bigger than Theresa May scrapping the plans to tackle obesity. It’s bigger than Theresa May’s new plans to enforce a 3rd brutal wave of cuts to the NHS, paving for private take-over. #TrainGate has exposed the shallowness of today’s political reporting.

What is #TrainGate?

#TrainGate occurred when Sir Richard Branson released CCTV still images that appear to contradict Jeremy Corbyn’s claim that he forced to sit on the floor of an overcrowded Virgin train. In Corbyn’s defence, several commuters have stepped forward confirming his side of the story, with images of other passengers stuck sitting on the floor themselves:

If Jeremy Corbyn staged his #TrainGate video, it still highlights the very real state of our railways today.

{Edit 28/08/2017} After several months of delaying, Virgin Trains has finally released the FULL CCTV footage – Proving Jeremy Corbyn did NOT fabricate this story. Read more here.

Jeremy Corbyn highlights crucial concerns be it; crumbling rail infrastructure lacking investment, the overcrowding and poor service seen over much of the country, or the skyrocketing ticket prices UK consumers are forced to pay.

When passengers in the UK travel by train they pay the most in Europe by up to x10 times for the distance covered.

A comparison of train ticket prices across European countries. Source: The Telegraph

Instead of re-investing profits to improve railway infrastructure, 90% of profits are funnelled to shareholders whom companies like Virgin Trains have an obligation to.

This means the taxpayer are left to cough up in excess of £4.8bn per year (~£181/household) to subsidies rail repairs and improvements to fund private profits. Effectively paying for their ticket twice. Sir Richard Branson has supposedly made £53 million this year by taking tax payers money for service improvements.

Amount of Rail Subsidies Provided by UK Tax Payers in 2014-2015. Source: Government

The same logic of double-paying for a private service also extends to internet providers such as Virgin Media, who again rely on massive public subsidies to roll out services and make their profits.

Lastly this parasitic arrangement is sinking its claws into our NHS, where increasingly taxpayers are subsidising profits for companies such as Virgin Care. This comes at the expense of maintaining a unified effective health service that works for the patients and not for profits.

Sir Richard Branson has become very adept at taking from the tax payer but unfortunately he’s even better at avoiding paying his taxes. After selling off personal property in the UK and accepting travel/visiting limitations to the UK, Sir Richard Branson has become a ‘Tax Exile’ to avoid paying his due sum to our society.

As loved as Sir Richard Branson is by the UK public, it’s time to wake up and see the real deal here. You’re double-paying for most of his services, he’s actively degrading the NHS we all rely on, and to top it off he’s purposefully detached himself from our great nation to avoid paying back into our system.

Verdict: Strip his damn title already.



  1. Dick Branson (don’t know why everyone insists on calling him Richard instead of what he is) also called for a universal basic income for all. What a lovely, billionaire philanthropist! I never knew he cared so much for us ordinaries. He wants to profit obscenely from selling off the NHS by stealth yet he wants us all to have a guaranteed income. What a complex character… not. He’d probably sponsor this universal income by forcing recipients to subscribe to his trashy Virgin media package which would include Virgin private health coverage as a mandatory extra deduction. He can just f**k off!


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