Owen Smith will DESTROY the Labour Party if Elected Leader

Owen Smith has put his foot in his mouth again after claiming schools in his area are being put under pressure from immigrants. Research by WalesOnline concludes both primary and secondary schools in the area have a SURPLUS of places for children. Only 2.1% of the population is not UK born and falling each year, with only 18 Syrian refugees relocated to the area. The claims based on fear – not fact – have come under fire from local Labour councillors and Plaid Cymru for demonstrating the lack of knowledge Owen has for his own constituency. This is just another red flag in a growing list of blunders Owen Smith has made in his run up to become Labour party leader.

Just recently Owen Smith declared he would negotiate with ISIS. He’s willing to bring ISIS around the negotiating table. Madness. In what parallel universe does a potential leader of the opposition in waiting declare anyone can negotiate with these kinds of terrorists? In which universe did Owen Smith (self-proclaimed electable man) think this would go down well with the wider electorate? Negotiating with ISIS is far from the same as bringing peace with the IRA, one is a murderous cult that shows disgust towards all Western liberty and freedom, the other had a key political objective.

Watch here to hear Owen Smith destroy his credibility on foreign policy:


Owen Smith’s attitude towards women is problematic. Watch here to hear Owen Smith tell Leanne Wood she’s invited to Question Time because of her GENDER.

For all the talk of pushing Jeremy Corbyn to do more to end antisemitism and sexist abuse of MPs in the party, it’s shocking to see such behaviour from someone who claims to be a left-wing MP. Not even a Tory MP would’ve been foolish enough to air sexist views so openly. Frankly Owen Smith should be branded a hypocrite, as his words and actions are at odds here.

Finally, Owen Smith enjoys telling us that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t reach out to the wider electorate. The large scale rallies and the energy Corbyn has infused into the swollen Labour membership ranks simply won’t be enough. We must win back supporters that went to UKIP, the Tories and the Greens.

In his next breath Owen Smith declares if elected leader he will act to dismiss the Brexit referendum result, calling for a second EU-referendum if he becomes PM in 2020. It is classical of the modern Labour ‘moderate’ to place themselves above the democratic will of the public. The leadership challenge itself is a key example of the democracy hating ‘moderate’. They’ve:

1.) Purged thousands of Labour party members demonstrating a pro-Corbyn stance online, attempting to rig the past and current leadership election.

2.) Outright rejected the overwhelming mandate of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership from the day he was elected.

3.) Took Labour supporters to court not once, but twice, to ensure people paying £25 (a ridiculous price) to shape the future of the party have no voice.

4.) Now to disregard the EU referendum result.

Given approximately 70% of Conservative voters and almost 100% of UKIP voters were strongly in favour of Brexit and have constant anxiety that their democratic will won’t be respected, is Owen Smith really pulling these voters back in? Compare this to the strong Brexit means Brexit rhetoric of Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn, the answer should be clear.

Can an individual we know to be; sexist, willing to negotiate with ISIS, overturn the democratic Brexit vote, and be so fast to capitulate to right-wing fears can’t be the future leader of the Labour party?




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