Owen Smith’s Dogs Snuff Out Democracy

Labour opens up the leadership process to bring people back to the Labour party, to build a movement to win in 2020. Unless you’re left-wing that is, then you’re not welcome. This is even more cause to stand our ground and back Jeremy Corbyn in this leadership election, if we don’t steer the Labour party left now it will be consigned to anti-democratic centre right politicians for decades to come.

(3rd image is taken from Another Angry Voice, find them on Facebook)

The Labour ‘moderate’ have barred £25 members from voting, to avoid a second surge of pro-Corbyn voters. Utilised a small army of pro-Smith volunteers to shift through social media snuffing out individuals supportive of left-wing values, or critical stances against Smith.


John McDonnell is right to say Labour members won’t accept this rigged election if Owen Smith’s gerrymandering prevails, nor should they. If Labour can’t accept democracy those on the left must turn elsewhere.




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