Jeremy Corbyn set for LANDSLIDE victory over Owen Smith

Owen Smith’s PR campaign comes to an end today. In recent weeks hired PR agents and pro-Smith MPs have been busy attempting to plant the idea of an electable underdog (Owen Smith) edging past Trotsky Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership race. Owen Smith’s PR campaign got so out of hand the Huffington Post attempted to claim private polls were consistently placing Smith 20 points ahead of Corbyn.

smith ahead
‘Private’ Polling – When real polls don’t back your view.

Today’s official YouGov poll flips Smith’s ‘private’ polling on it’s head and places Jeremy Corbyn 24 points ahead in the leadership race. With Jeremy Corbyn set to gain 62% of the vote vs Owen Smith trailing on 38%.

corbyn going to win

More surprisingly considering the MSM narrative is that Jeremy Corbyn is set to INCREASE his popularity within the Labour party compared to his previous unprecedented leadership victory. Corbyn’s majority will also come from all categories of voters too, dispelling claims of Trot infiltrators flooding into the party.


What’s fuelling the new Corbyn surge?

The deepest irony here is that the PLP’s anti-democratic actions are starting to backfire and fuel the pro-Corbyn surge they sought to extinguish; having raised the supporter fee to £25 to price out the working class, having taken their own members to court not once-but-twice, and now sweeping the internet to ban pro-Corbyn voices, ordinary people are furious with the PLP treating them with absolute contempt and suspicion. It’s clear Jeremy Corbyn represents true democracy and the only available option for a left-wing manifesto come 2020.

But credit must go to Jeremy Corbyn and his team for their tireless campaigning all over the country, with crowds regularly stretching into the thousands, his message and new policy platform is beginning to resonate with hard-up communities all over. On the contrary to the MSM narrative that Jeremy Corbyn only appeals to hard-left Trots 33% of the general public polled believed Jeremy Corbyn would win a general election, compared to 12% who believed the same about Owen Smith. A long way to go before 2020 but much closer than the media conglomerates would have you know.


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