BBC Bosses Lined Up To Snatch Position In Theresa May’s Team. BBC Hidden Tories REVEALED.

BBC bosses Robbie Gibb & James Landale competed for a position in Theresa May’s top team as her new Director of Communications.

James Landale the diplomatic editor for the BBC was beaten by Tory BBC rival Robbie Gibb, who edits primetime political content such as; BBC Daily Politics and Newsnight. He will now join ex-Daily Mail political editor James Slack to come up with her communications strategy – an area Theresa May has repeatedly failed with during the election and recent tragic events.

With high ranking BBC officials keen to back the Conservatives, does the BBC have an issue with bias? BBC officials with Tory backgrounds revealed:

Robbie Gibb: Ex-deputy chair of the Federation of Conservative Students (1980s). Brother Nicholas Gibb is a current Tory Minister.

Chris Patten: Ex-Tory Cabinet Minister turned CHAIRMAN of the BBC Trust.

Nick Robinson: Former President of Oxford University’s Conservative Association, now BBC political presenter.

Screenshot-198 robinson

Andrew Neil: Delivered 14th annual Hayek lecture at Institute of Economic Affairs (right-wing economics & think-tank) in 2005. Used to work for the Conservative party and Chair various Murdoch press outlets (Spectator, Sunday Times). Now hosts a multitude of mainstream political programmes.

Michael Portillo: Ex-Tory defence minister, now BBC political show host.

Watch Dennis Skinner call the BBC out LIVE:


A BBC insider has been quoted as saying that senior BBC personnel are: ‘drawn from a very narrow English white upper-middle-class Oxbridge background. They already have a mind-set which means that they think in a certain way, and I think it’s Blairism, Cameronism, over the last twenty years.’

Laura Kuenssberg has so far escaped any tangible links to the Conservatives in her past, she is hated by those on the left and the right. However only when slating Jeremy Corbyn has Kuenssberg been found to have breached BBC impartiality rules by twisting Corbyn’s statement on shoot-to-kill in Paris. A hack job that came back to bite Corbyn during the snap election’s debates (despite being misrepresented).


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