Labour’s EIGHT-Point Poll Surge Must EMPOWER Local Democracy

Labour continues to surge after the general election. Just days after Theresa May lost her mandate, Jeremy Corbyn became the public’s favourite to be Prime Minister, with Labour edging 3-points ahead in the polls.

Now Jeremy Corbyn’s personal ratings are through the roof, 41 points ahead of Ms May, who is now deeply in the negative (-55 points).

Fresh polling by YouGov, who’s election centre modelling came close to predicting the real election result, now puts Labour 8-points ahead of the Conservatives. Labour has benefited from strong recent media performance, continued efforts on the streets, and the internal fracturing of the Tory cabinet over austerity – particularly the detested pay cap & tuition fees.

A majority of 8?

calculus predictionWhere does this put the Labour party now?

It has become evident that the party’s anti-austerity left message is cutting through with the public, the party now requires a solid team behind Corbyn to hammer home the message against the Tories. The surge of support, and general election result also supports Jeremy Corbyn’s previous calls to hand over more power to the party membership, now sitting on a whopping 550,000.

Labour party rules must change to ensure the membership have future rights to leadership selections, and an equal vote at the ballot box compared to the PLP and the Unions.

The party rules must also change to hand back power of local MP selections to the members they will go on to represent. This includes a 75% vote of no-confidence against sitting MPs who fail to represent their constituency members. Whilst overtly critical voices such as Nottingham East’s Chris Leslie would certainly be put at risk (rightly so), the greater purpose here is to ensure Labour MPs ALWAYS reflect and support the working people. No more low-tier Labour grandees governing with a Divine Right from the safe seats they hold.


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