Theresa May Desperately Seeks Corbyn’s Aid To Quell Party Rebels & Remain PM – A Corbyn Government Is Near.

Weakened Prime Minister Theresa May now faces a certain Tory leadership challenge, as plots develop over the summer recess. Leaks from David Davis ally, Andrew Mitchell, has been reported as saying Theresa May is dead in the water. Weak and without authority, stating her leadership cannot continue for much longer. The leaks have not been denied.

Junior ministers openly seek to get rid of Theresa May before their Autumn conference. Former party chairman Grant Shapps has delivered stark warnings over her lack of authority, and the need to change her style of leadership. This translates to playing puppet Prime Minister for those with the influence to spark rebellion.

Party division over Brexit is set to tear the Conservatives apart, the die-hard Brexiteers will compromise on nothing, but the moderates and remainers have the numbers to force concessions from Theresa May.

That is unless, she can count on Labour votes to push through her Brexit plans and consequently regain control over her party. If she had Jeremy Corbyn’s support on Brexit, Conservative rebels would be rendered powerless to unseat her.

Theresa May will accuse Corbyn of frustrating the will of the people, if he refuses to answer her call. However, Labour should hold steady and continue to oppose Theresa May at every turn. With every U-turn she makes, and every fight she loses, the public will lose what little faith they still have in her capability as Prime Minister.

Former Tory peers are already predicting that Corbyn will be the next Prime Minister. The striking claims come after a failed string of decisions and speeches made following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Specifically, Theresa May’s inability to connect with the victims, and interviews by Sajid Javid that attempted to shift blame, which were reported to go down “like a bucket of sick”. Don’t watch the video below if you expect to hear anything but empty platitudes.

Furthermore, Theresa May’s working majority garnered with shoddy bribery of the DUP is to be challenged at the high court. The challenge will claim Theresa May has breached both the Bribery Act, and more importantly the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. A prolonged legal challenge will erode the Conservative image, but a successful legal challenge threatens to strip Theresa May of her slim working majority.

Theresa May is on her political death bed. It could be tempting to take up her offer to help shape Brexit policy, but Corbyn should know that if he is patient, it will be Labour who will dictate a Brexit for the many, not the few.



  1. Every time I hear something from the Tory Party and TM, it just makes me sick. I wonder where the humanity has gone and when they are going to go. I’m trying to be patient and have hopes for the future. The Tories are pushing every law against humanity that they can before they are finished. That’s the legacy they want to leave It`s like F..k you , I`m ok so tough on you all, here`s something else for you to worry about. Hopefully over the summer, they will be judged by a higher power and taken back where they belong, where they came from, a place so dark and torturous for each wrong they have done against those they harmed. I`ve never wished that about anyone in my life. I just can`t stand to see them make anyone else suffer as they are doing. One day there will be a reckoning for them all. AllI I have is Trust that Labour will make them all pay in a criminal court for what the Tories have done to this country and it`s people. I hope they will never serve as any party again, for the good of all who have suffered in their hands, including children they have condemned. At the very least, they should be on their knees begging forgiveness.


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