Theresa May Begs Corbyn For Help – He Tells Her Where She Can Shove It – Avoids Tory Trap

Yesterday Theresa May revealed just how tenuous her position as Prime Minister has become. She reached out for Jeremy Corbyn’s aid to help shape Brexit and policy during this parliament. Today he has told her where she can shove it, of course, in his own polite way.

It has become clear that Theresa May is currently a puppet whose strings are pulled in all directions. She has been described as “Dead in the water… Weak and without authority” by her own party members at a private dinner.

A glorious response by Jeremy Corbyn, he will not be falling for her Brexit trap! Watch below:

“If the Prime Minister would like it, I’m very happy to furnish her with a copy of our manifesto. Or an early election so our country can decide.”

“The Government has ran out of steam and at a pivotal in our country and the World; amid uncertainty of Brexit, conflict in the gulf states, nuclear sabre ratting over North Korea, refugees continuing to flee war and destruction, on-going pandemics, poverty and inequality, and the impact of Climate Change are the core global challenges of our time. Just when we need strong government, we have weakness from this government.”


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