Damian Green’s PMQ Brexit Chaos – OBR Is NOT Assessing NO Deal Option

Today at the Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), Damian Green stood in for Theresa May, and she will wish he didn’t.

Theresa May & David Davis insist the country is on the path to a ‘hard’-Brexit, a Brexit involving; no customs union, no free market access, no European laws. It has unofficially been declared the ‘will of the people’.

It has led to Theresa May famously claiming that ‘No Deal is better than a Bad Deal’. A significant vote winner in the snap general election.

Today Damian Green was challenged by Emily Thornberry to outline what a no deal would look like. Unable to provide an answer, Mr Green let it slip that NO PLANS currently exist, if Theresa May walks out of the negotiations empty-handed. Contray to the bluffs of a detailed (but secret) plan, Brexit Secretary David Davis claimed to have.

obr tweet


To quip back at Emily Thornberry, Damian Green claimed the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) would be releasing a report on the effects of a ‘no deal’ tomorrow. The claim was backed by the jeering and ahhh-ing of the Tory back-benchers, yet the OBR have clarified they will be doing no such thing.

In fact the OBR have previously calculated a guesstimate cost to the UK for three different leave scenarios. They were mocked as Project Fear during the Brexit campaign, but with rising inflation & falling wages, perhaps they’re becoming more realistic.

brexit dmg OBR

Thankfully, the make-up of the parliament means the MP arithmetic will be capable of preventing Theresa May from crashing out into World Trade Order (WTO) rules. With a slender DUP-propped working majority, only 20 Tory MPs would need to join a rebellion against a hard-Brexit. With opposition from Chancellor Phillip Hammond, remain-firebrand Anna Soubry, and a host of more moderate Cabinet/backbench MPs, Theresa May doesn’t command the authority to get her own way.

The chaos continues:





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