Tory Kent Councillors Complain About 1% Pay Cap – Vote Themselves A WHOPPING 15% Pay Rise

To the OUTRAGE of nurses, police, and firefighters everywhere, the Tory Kent County Council have voted to give themselves a WHOPPING 15% PAY RISE. The 15% pay rise comes after the Council Leader Tory Paul Carter complained about the lack of a pay increase in 8 years. The pay increase will translate to an extra £1,920 a year in their pockets. Not bad for some.

“Why should we have to tolerate a freeze? It has not reflected the cost of living increase everyone else has had.”

Paul Carter would be well to remember it was his own party that have implemented the public sector pay cap, to enforce austerity on hard-working families.

The site ‘KentLive.News‘ recorded details of the exchanges made between Tory councillors, and the Labour councillors who voted against the motion.

’16:34  Paul Cooper on why the increase makes sense

The Conservative councillor for Maidstone South said: “I think there has already been a lot of emphasis on the amount of remuneration we already receive.

“In terms of an increase this is somewhat regardless as we have been receiving this for eight years, there has been no increase for eight years.

“In fact eight years ago members of this authority took what in my view is an incredible good and well-regarded decision to take a decrease in what people are paid.

“Over that time staff members in this authority have received on average a 15 per cent increase, we should therefore have the same.’

Unfortunately, with next to zero representation, Labour councillors didn’t stand a chance of voting down the measure:
kent council.png
Remember, we’re all in it together! Perhaps it’s time we let nurses and firefighters vote for their own pay rises?


    1. I had this argument with a Councillor in Liverpool back in the eighties, he told me he didn’t get paid, but I told him ” well you get £17 a day expenses” (which they did at the time), you should of seen the shock on his face, hehe.


  1. Total disgrace, time for the queen to step in and put an end to it and put our nurses on top of the list for a good pay rise


  2. They ought to be ashamed of themselves……every last one of them…(and I mean all parties),….don’t know how they sleep at night.


  3. just look at the 2 pictures at the top, a nurse in total despair, then look at the 2 pampas looking bastards sipping on champagne dressed like a couple of dickheads, talking of how they will spend their fortunes. makes me sick.


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