Murdoch Rags Conceal Real Identity Of Tory Activist Teacher Who Warned Against Left-Wing Brainwashing At School

Over the weekend several Tory rags reported that ‘top teacher’ and ‘education poster boy’ Calvin Robinson blew the lid off pro-Labour brainwashing in our schools. The IT teacher made bold claims that students were being ‘indoctrinated to a left-wing mentality’ However, they forgot to mention he’s a dedicated Tory activist.

Sunday Express

Mr Robinson claims teachers are brainwashing children through their teaching practises and how arguments are presented to them. However, the lack of real World examples or evidence is shocking in its absence to back-up these claims.

Mail Online

Just a quick search quickly reveals that Calvin Robinson is far from the neutral and concerned teacher he has been presented as in the mainstream media. Mr Robinson is currently the Conservative Youth Officer for Hampstead & Kilburn, a position that is dedicated to reaching out to younger future voters to support the Conservative party. Being a dedicated member of the Conservative party Mr Robinson has also written for Conservative Home, and Conservative Teachers. More recently he has run to become a Conservative Councillor for Swiss Cottage.


Behind the articles calling for an end to political bias in teaching, it could be Calvin Robinson himself who is guilty of pushing his own ideology onto children. It is hard to believe than an activist as involved as Mr Robinson, who strongly speaks out against ‘left-wing’ brainwashing in schools, could be teaching children in a politically neutral manner.


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  1. Sensitive, caring attitude towards each other. Fairness and equality, listening to people regardless of their ability or class. Emotional intelligence and working as a team supporting each other including the less able. Are these left wing values? If so then I say go for it!


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