Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond ‘Public Sector Is Overpaid’.

With the Conservative leadership election overdue, it has been expected that the outspoken critic of Theresa May, Chancellor Philip Hammond would trigger the stalking race. With all-out war having broken out behind doors, the smears have been piling up again Philip Hammond. His reputation lays in tatters.

The first attack against Philip Hammond just yesterday referred to comments during a cabinet meeting. In a conversation regarding transport, the Chancellor has been abused of saying that ‘diving trains had now been made so easy that “even a woman” could do it.’ (Source)

With the second damaging leak coming out in just a singular weekend, it has become very clear that opposing leadership candidate’s supporters are sparking all-out internal war by seriously briefing against each other.

The leaks today were provided by several confidential but well-placed sources. The press was briefed that the Chancellor said, ‘public sector workers are overpaid’, such inflammatory comments would surely add fuel to the fire, as outrage ripples across the country over falling living standards for our brave public services. The Chancellor has played down the comments (or maybe not), by asserting he merely said public sector workers are paid a 10% PREMIUM.

At a time when public sector workers are already down £2,500 – £4,000 a year due to real wage cuts from 2010, to claim they receive a 10% PREMIUM is outrageous. On the Marr Show today, Philip Hammond said this was a ‘simple fact’. In the Chancellor’s World, Nurses should be paid ~£2,500 less a year. In Theresa May’s World, they should be lucky to have a job.

When nurses already struggle to live day-to-day, how disconnected can you be to suggest such a thing?


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