Privatised NHS Car Park Takes Nurses To Court & WINS – Nurses To Pay Up To £150,000 For Parking At Work.

Privatisation of basic NHS services, including hospital parking, is set to cost at least one nurse £150,000, after a court ruling today.

With over 70 NHS staff facing huge legal fees and parking fines, it has been claimed that several will have to sell their homes to cover the costs. Staff are outraged over the lack of sufficient parking provided by University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, which they blame for the fees.

Parking at the hospital can be free for staff, if they have a special permit for the staff parking area. Unfortunately, staff parking permits are on a 3-year waiting list, with the hospital having contracted out much of the parking space to private firm, Indigo Park Services.

Even Staff Permit Holders Must Pay

Indigo Park Services came under media attention last year for having made £2.8 MILLION in 12 months alone, from its contract at the Cardiff Hospital. The company has been faced with accusations of bleeding NHS staff and visitors dry, with parking tickets costing £8-£12 a shift for those who work at the hospital.

Over the course of a year some nurses are faced with parking charges of £2,000, an outrage given the drastic cut to their take-home wages under the Conservative government.


Some of the hospital staff are considering taking the case to an appeals court, however with £28,000 in legal fees already, most are too worried with the prospect of bankruptcy. With dozens of NHS staff having handed in their notices, the damage has been done by this parasitic corporate entity to the care of patients at the hospital.



  1. The nasty judge who handed this judgement down will one day need hospital treatment but there won’t be any nurses there to nurse him dud to having left or running around in there cars looking for a Free parking space


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