YouGov: Brexiteer’s Extremism Revealed – Why We Must Remain.

In a damning new poll released by YouGov, 71% of Leave voters aged 65+ are willing to inflict serious damage to our country to get Britain out of the EU. The poll findings provide fresh evidence to our politicians that a soft-Brexit or even no Brexit is now a must, if the UK is to continue making rational choices in the national interest.

Brexit extreme1

Further evidence of the blind zealous nature of Leave voters was also provided when asked; ‘would you consider Brexit causing you or members of your family to lose their job to be a price worth paying for bringing Britain out of the EU?’ Overall 39% thought plunging a family member into financial chaos and insecurity was acceptable, but this rose to a staggering 50% of older voters (65+), who seem to have no regard for the jobs and livelihoods of younger generations. With prosperity, secure high-paid jobs, and international cooperation highly valued by todays working-age generations, it’s no wonder so many of them backed remaining within the EU. On the other hand, it has been revealed Leave voters were more ideological in their choice, regardless of the damage, and driven by migration fears (remember Turkey joining the EU?). Whereas younger Brexiteers largely believed the UK would start receiving a sizeable £350 million / week rebate for our NHS, a cash injection our overwhelmed public service needs. Sadly, Brexit is already starting to cost the UK money, leaving less to go into the health service.

Brexit extreme2.png

For balance, it is worth mentioning that 34% vs 38% of Remain voters would accept economic damage to remain part of the EU, a sign of a strong ideological stance within Remain voters too. The difference however is that an overwhelming 61% vs 18% would not sacrifice a family members job to Remain, nor are they hoping for an economic collapse to ‘teach Leave politicians & voters a lesson’. An attack usually utilised by Leave politicians against so called ‘Remoaners’.

The polling could, and should have gone much further to dissect if Leave voters were willing to accept rising inflation as an acceptable price. I suspect a clear majority would. We have already seen the tumbling value of the pound send food prices skyrocketing around the UK, as imports become more expensive.

brexit extreme 3

This year inflation will outpace wage growth, hitting the ‘just about managing’ families where it really hurts. Post-Brexit, the UK will struggle to negotiate a wide enough network of tariff free trade deals to compensate for the loss of the free market, and the 40+ free trade deals the EU has already struck around the globe. Tariffs, WTO rules, chlorinated chicken, are some of the unpalatable options UK consumers face without a soft-Brexit deal in place.

After the longest collapse in real wages the UK has ever seen, do Leave voters find it acceptable to be slapping on an extra 10% to the family food bill? Another 12% on energy bills, as imports become more expensive? They might, but families up and down the UK have had enough of austerity.

It’s time to make the sensible decision, and Remain part of the European Union.


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