Labour’s Historic Victory Over UKIP/Tory – Council Elections

Labour today has racked up historic wins, in council seats not taken for over 40 years. The news confirms the Conservatives worst fears, even in the South, there are no longer safe seats. The historic gain from Con – Lab, was in Marine (Worthing), where Beccy Cooper added a huge 27.8-points to the Labour vote, defeating the Conservative candidate 47.4% to 38.8% respectively.

Victory 1

The Labour surge swept three council seats in total today, with the other two gains from UKIP. Both Margate Central (in Thanet), and Milton Regis (Swale) saw dramatic +23.7 & +25.1-point swings from UKIP to Labour.

In the snap election, Labour confounded political pundit predictions, who predicted the UKIP vote would uniformly swing to the Conservatives, wiping Labour out in the North & Midlands. On the night however, UKIP voters switched to Labour in equal measure, stripping Theresa May of her majority. These results provide evidence that the UKIP vote is now almost completely swinging to Labour, a possible side-effect of the Tories being at war over their Brexit stance. The effects of a continued Labour campaign were also rewarded in the Westminster voting intention today, with Labour reaching 44% of the intended vote, equalling the height of the Tony Blair days.


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