WHISTLEBLOWER Claims – Child Abuse & Grenfell Tower Inquiries Suppressed

CEO of the Dot com Children’s Foundation, Sharon Evans has become a whistle blower after an explosive interview with RT. Ms Evans, who sat on the original independent inquiry panel, into historical child abuse, has revealed how Theresa May’s aides intimidated and bullied members of the panel. The overall aim Ms Evans claims, was to supress criticism of Theresa May, Home Secretary at the time, and to hinder the investigation.

As a victim of child abuse herself, and the CEO of a charity dedicated to helping children in a similar situation, Ms Evans thought she was going to be part of an independent, and transparent inquiry. Not long into the investigation, Ms Evans discovered her, and the independent team, were constantly blocked from talking to the press.

The inquiry looking into the child abuse case, that could have implicated dozens of MPs, was stifled by Clause 19, which can be summed up: ‘You may not speak, unless the Government allows it.’ To release information, the investigation panel would also need majority backing. However, when Sharon Evans attempted to forward a letter to Theresa May, with majority backing, the government intervened.

Watch above, Theresa May states 114 files were destroyed, missing, or not found.

By the Conservative government, Sharon Evans was told: “If I continued to try and criticize the Home Secretary, that her special advisors, would actually discredit me, and my charity.”

Having complained of bullying, and the lack of openness in the inquiry, Ms Evans was given a private meeting, without representation, and told that was her hearing. The treatment of the independent investigators, including intimidation, and a complete lack of transparency, or a forum to air official complaints, is hugely damaging for public trust in future & on-going inquiries, such as Grenfell Tower.

It was the Grenfell Tower tragedy that has compelled Ms Evans to speak out. She has warned everyone who thinks they’re doing the right thing, by providing information. Instead of seriously considering information provided, that could lead to justice in the investigation, Ms Evans claims government officials used the testimonies to spin a story that looks good from the governments perspective. Ms Evans now worries that the government is in complete control of the evidence and information surrounding the Grenfell fire.

In some hope that the Grenfell fire inquiry could achieve more than the Child abuse investigation, today it has been revealed that the tower required refurbishment costing £100m. However, the investigation has uncovered that the government imposed limits on borrowing, to carry out the refurbishment. The actual refurbishment totalled £9.2m, and lacked key safety features such as the sprinklers, and fire escapes. Unfortunately, flammable but aesthetically pleasing cladding was installed, with a saving of £293,000, at the cost of 80 lives. (Full story here)

The Grenfell Tower investigation, and the Child Abuse Inquiry must go forward without government interference. These revelations from whistle-blower Sharon Evans, are deeply troubling for the pursuit of justice, that the victims have been promised.

Find the full interview with Sharon Evans below on RT:


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  1. What kind of people are in this Conservative Government. It`s disgraceful that they can supress evidence. They should be sacked this moment and arrested. Theresa May first. You don`t expect to see this in a British government. They slaughtered and maligned other leaders in Libya, and Iraq, and Afganistan and other countries with that kind of dictatorship. They must be legally finished as a government and never seen or heard of again. I hoped to God that is very, very soon. They are not Human and have no sense of humanity. They are the most horrific government in UK ever.


  2. Compared with Theresa May, Thatcher was almost left wing. This Woman is truly Evil. If there is such a thing as divine justice, this woman will burn in hell!!


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