Corbyn’s campaigning whirlwind tour to propel Labour to victory, as Theresa May’s approval ratings sink to a new low

Latest polling research by Opinium now places Corbyn ahead of Theresa May, when asked ‘To what extent do you approve of the way [X] is handling his/her job as [Y]?’. Members of the public approve of Corbyn 35% to 31%, compared to Theresa May (Opinium 21/08/17).

Britain Elects

Furthermore, 48% of the public disapprove of Theresa May’s performance as Prime Minister, whilst only 40% disapprove of Jeremy Corbyn. Putting Corbyn on -5, compared to Theresa’s -17 rating.

The latest information from YouGov, shows Jeremy Corbyn is viewed positively as a whole by the public (+10), with Theresa May’s public support collapsing to -49 points.

The reversal of fortunes, Theresa May turned out not to be the leader the public assumed she was.

Previous research shows just how dramatic the role-reversal of fortunes was during the snap election campaign. Having released the worst manifesto in modern history, accompanied by a robotic performance, Theresa May suffered a huge drop in confidence before the June election. Post-election Theresa May has been forced to scrap her manifesto in full, and has suffered several set-backs over cabinet in-fighting, with her own Chancellor of the Exchequer openly revolting against her leadership. Theresa May has also been exposed by a series of Brexit-blunders, leading to the further decline in her popularity. Now the summer recess is over, she’s surviving on borrowed time.

On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn has begun a campaign blitz. Determined to keep Labour on campaign footing, and ready to seize power should the Conservative government collapse, Corbyn will visit 65 marginal seats. Evidence exists to suggest that Corbyn’s rally-style politics has had a direct boost to the voter share in constituencies he visits. In the key marginal seat of Wirral West, expected to turn blue this gone election, Corbyn helped Margaret Greenwood boost her majority by 4,600, a 9% increase in voter share.

10,000 People turned up to hear Jeremy Corbyn in Liverpool before the election. Image: Jason Roberts.

Holding rallies has also been shown to engage with young voters, who turned out in droves this election to turn unthinkable seats, like Canterbury, red for the first time in 100-years. Whilst Corbyn still has a way to go, to convince traditional working-class voters in the West/East-Midlands of his vision, if he is to form a majority government, spreading his message directly to the masses is a good start.

Latest GE voting intention; Lab: 44, Con: 41 (YouGov), Labour is now a government in waiting.

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