Explosive new CCTV footage shows Corbyn told the truth over #TrainGate. Branson must apologise, immediately.

Jeremy Corbyn has been vindicated today, as the full footage of #TrainGate was released, revealing that Jeremy Corbyn and his team were telling the truth. The train was indeed, ‘chocka’.

Last year, Jeremy Corbyn and his team were ridiculed after releasing a short video promoting renationalisation, on a busy Virgin train. The video showed Corbyn sat on the floor reading his paper, then stating the train was too busy to find seats for most of the journey. Despite being pictured with several members of the public, many of whom gave statements backing up Corbyn’s version of events, selective CCTV footage and images released by Virgin Trains convinced the public that is was all a publicity stunt.

A majority of voters believed Richard Branson & Virgin Trains, after seeing cherry picked evidence.

The resulting debacle, and perceived guilt – to be ‘playing politics’, completely went against the honest ‘new-kind’ of politics Corbyn stands for. When polled, people thought Corbyn was being dishonest (57%), with a staggering 47% of people polled of the opinion that his ‘dishonesty’ mattered in this case. The entirety of the mainstream media was quick to jump on the Corbyn-bashing wagon over the issue, which continued for weeks.

YouGov results show #TrainGate had a negative effect on Corbyn’s campaign.

The full CCTV footage was requested immediately after Richard Branson himself stepped into the debate, however Virgin Trains delayed the release of the full footage for 7 months. Being able to view the full footage today, it is obvious why. Despite still not receiving all of the footage due to “technical difficulties” “blackouts” and “freezes”, and time codes/dates being provided in a separate document, the evidence is still compelling. See below for yourself, with huge gratitude to ‘Double Down News’ for uploading the footage & explanation:

It would seem Richard Branson has a huge apology to make, as do the mainstream media for jumping to conclusions without the full evidence. Expect to see this story make headlines tomorrow.

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