Big Business & Bankers Throw Record £25m at Theresa May to stop Jeremy Corbyn at any cost. Yet with just £9.5m, Corbyn achieved so much more.

The Electoral Commission has revealed today that the Conservative party received a record £25 million in the three months running up to the snap general election. The surge of donations meant the Conservative party had over £11,000 per hour to spend on toxic online political ads, and propaganda, over double that, which Labour had, at £9.5m. All this money, just to fend off Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s resurgent come-back.

Jeremy Corbyn proposed a new bold vision to transform Britain, when he wins the next General Election, Corbyn is set to revive nationalisation, to take back control of our utilities and railways. To create a more just economy by investing in the North, and all regions of the UK with a National Investment Bank. Finally, Labour would have introduced a new £10/hr living wage, mostly paid, by making the wealthy pay their way.

Britain’s elite were taking no chances.

Construction machinery company JCB was the largest Tory donor, donating £1,500,000 alone. Other large donors were made by wealthy individuals, either managing a large business or financial investment group. Mr John C Armitage, and Mr John Griffin donated over £1,000,000 each, with several other individuals donating over £500,000 each to the Conservative party.

Tory corruption 1.png
If £50,000 gets you direct access to the Conservative Cabinet, what does £1,500,000 buy you?

Having seen Theresa May squander the record sums of money, and the parliamentary majority she entered the snap election with, Conservative donors are said to be infuriated with Ms May’s performance. Many, who donated in early in the snap election were promised a Tory landslide parliament, ready to push through further Corporate Tax breaks, and reduction in income tax for the richest in society. In reality, they paid for a weak government, exercising complete incompetence over the handling of Brexit. A danger to their big businesses, and sizeable financial investments.

Is the power of big business and the media to dictate elections coming to an end? Time will tell.


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