Corbyn’s Redemption

Corbyn has had a long and arduous journey, to unite and rebuild the Labour party.
From day one, after his democratic election to Labour leader, aspects of the party plotted the ‘scorched earth’ strategy, to run the party into the ground, and rid themselves of a true Left-wing leader.
He survived the mass resignations of the plotters, and those who lost faith, only to strengthen his position in the party, with an increased mandate from the people.
Yet Corbyn never resorted to personal attacks. Yet Corbyn never expelled or strong-armed MPs to get his way. Every time a member of the parliamentary party plunged a knife, he offered an olive branch in return. With comfortable assurance that the Labour membership would turn the tide in the party, in favour of renewed Left-wing politics.
On the most bold and ambitious Labour manifesto in recent history, Corbyn defied the mainstream media, defied his own MPs, and brought Labour back to life. In just a few months of having his voice heard, and the case for Democratic Socialism in the UK made clear, a major role-reversal within the polls has taken place.
Corbyn has not only survived naysayers such as David Blunkett, he has gone far and above every political commentators’ expectations.
Theresa May’s majority government is no more. The Conservatives have no positive vision for the future of our nation. Their Brexit strategy, non-existent. It’s time for something new.
Now with a 5-point lead in the polls, it’s time Labour members around the country continue to engage in the democratic process. Campaign in your local area, join the likes of Owen Jones in the new Tory-marginals, or if you’re too busy – just take a moment out of your day to remind those close to you, just how awful this government really are.

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