Corbyn’s Summer Campaign Blitz leaves Labour predicted 50 seats ahead of the Tories

Polling released by Survation yesterday marks Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party 5-points ahead of the Conservatives, as Labour increase their predicted voter share by 2-points with UKIP and Con voters switching to Labour.

Whilst polls do vary, and they’ve certainly got it wrong in the past, Survation was the most accurate pollster for the 2017 result, defying the MSM and bolding predicting a Conservative minority government.

Todays prediction puts Jeremy Corbyn firmly in No.10, but 9 seats short of an overall majority, however it is likely the Lib Dems or SNP would strike a deal to push Labour through the Queen’s speech.

Labour Ahead 1
Electoral Calculus prediction based off Survation polling figures.

Conservative voters have been losing confidence in Theresa May’s leadership since the election. Several months into the Brexit negotiations without an inch of progress, moderate Leave voters are worried that the Government are not up to the task. EU negotiator Barnier has demanded the UK start negotiating ‘seriously’, and the bookies have increased the odds of the UK leaving the EU without any deal, something viewed as economic suicide by a majority of economists.

Britain Elects

On the other hand, Labour’s Kier Starmer has significantly clarified the Brexit position of the Labour party this week. Sticking to the jobs first mantra, Sir Starmer has laid out a short transition period to allow the UK to negotiate a trade arrangement with the EU fit to last decades, to the best UK benefit possible, whilst respecting the EU-vote last year.


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