Theresa May’s Car Crash Marr Interview (01/10/17)

Today Theresa May was caught like a rabbit in the headlights on the Marr show. Flustered and confused, her speech was the fastest we’ve ever heard it. There were too many car crash moments to go through but here’s some of the highlights:

Theresa May: “The Labour party themselves recognised that they would wreck the economy… run on the pound, RUN ON THE POUND from Labour, that’s what they said.”

Marr: “What’s happened to the pound under your watch?”

Theresa May: “The pound fluctuates”

Marr: “It goes down, down, and down, it’s worth a lot less than it was.”

pound plummets.png

Marr: “Meanwhile the economy under your watch is the slowest growing economy in Europe, why has that happened?”

Theresa May: Blames Brexit for her poor economic management. (Hint: We’ve not left the EU yet, Ms May.)

Marr: “Average weekly wage is around £505, can I ask you a much more important question, on your watch has it gone up, or has it gone down?”

Theresa May: “Well what we’ve seen happening lately, is that inflation has gone up, and people are feeling a squeeze on their incomes”

Marr: “Average weekly wages have fallen, fallen, and fallen under the Conservatives. People feel worse off because they ARE worse off.”

Theresa May: “We need to address that… we have to get that growth and prosperity across the country.”

Unfortunately, Marr didn’t highlight that take-home wages in the UK have fallen by 10.4% since the Conservatives came into power. An unprecedented fall in wages, only rivalled by Greece, whilst the rest of Europe enjoy rising wages, some up to 15% more cash in their pockets.


The Conservative economic plan is unravelling in front of our very eyes, Osborne told us this was a long-term economic plan, and as we come up to the 8-year mark all we’ve seen is suffering. They said vote us out if the deficit isn’t dealt with by 2015, they now tell us the deficit will be fixed by 2022.

Housing is at a historic low, and home ownership at record lows as new buyers struggle to save to get onto an ever-expensive housing market. The Conservative government tackled this issue by rebranding starter homes to be £250,000 outside of London, and £500,000 inside London. Good luck to anyone saving up that deposit, in generation rent.

Theresa claims she is able to offer todays £11bn uncosted goodies, in the form of an extension of Right-to-Buy (problematic long-term), and a freeze on tuition fees at £9,250 (a slap in the face), because they have created a balanced economy. Yet, with inequality between the poorest and richest in the country the widest in Europe, services and consumption vastly outweighing manufacturing in our economy, and wages crippled from a decade of austerity – where is the balance?

After a campaign of denouncing Labour’s costed manifesto, including the costed £11bn tuition fee/maintenance grant pledge, and telling hard working nurses there’s no magic money tree, Theresa has finally found it.


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