£2.8bn for our NHS but £4.4bn for the Bankers – The Real Tory Priorities

The Bankers are at it again, this time they’ve lobbied Conservative Chancellor Philip Hammond into giving them an astonishing £4.4bn tax break. At a time when the NHS in crisis, and we have a desperate productivity problem in our country, why are we yet again giving MORE tax breaks to the richest?

Let us not forget who caused this financial crash in the first place – the Bankers. Who is paying for the financial crash? The rest of us.

Nurses are just one example, we’ve all suffered the greatest drop in real wages on record.

People all over the nation have suffered the longest decline in their real wages, now set to continue to fall until 2025. The BBC as a matter of public service is letting you view just how badly your pay has been hit by this government (here).

Time after time opinion polling reaffirms that the NHS is a top priority for all of us. NHS bosses had asked Philip Hammond for £4bn to just stay afloat, clearly there was £7.2bn available, but cuts to Bankers taxes are deemed of greater importance to this government.

bank levt

The above graph shows how the constant reduction in the Bank Levy on government finances. Source: Budget 2017.



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