Corbyn Government Inevitable by Mid-2018

We predicted it, but now even the big banks are calculating a 66% chance of a new election in 2018. For such an election, the writing is already on the wall, Jeremy Corbyn will enter No. 10, and our nation will begin a once in a generation transformation.

For too long have working people, the vulnerable, and disabled, been crushed under heel by this collapsing iteration of neoliberal capitalism. A system that used to provide opportunity and growing wealth for all, has run out of steam. It now pushes the working and middle classes further into poverty, and leeches from the hopes and dreams of millennials and those after them, all to continue feeding the wealthiest who have become a dangerous parasite on society.

This graphic from the Economist sums up the problem best, the system that used to grow the pie for all, now takes from all of us – to give to the elite:

rich richer at poors expense
Below a value of 100 shows a decline in the wealth of the working people, whilst the richest have become vastly wealthier at our expense.

Not everyone is on board with the scale of change we need in society to detach ourselves from the status quo. The mainstream media, the offshored billionaires, have thrown everything they have to combat change. From attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s personal appearance, to a 12-page spread of anti-Corbyn rhetoric, and now the droning repetition that the new economic direction of Labour is dangerous insanity. It’s only natural that people are sceptical, our vision promotes significant borrowing, £250bn+ over 10 years, we’ve suffered a near decade narrative that Labour borrowing caused the Global Financial Crash. However, a persistence to correct that false narrative is paying off, Labour are now 8-points ahead of the Conservatives, according to the only pollster to accurately predict the snap general election result this year.

8 point
The only pollster to accurately predict the 2017 snap general election.

It will be down to the hard work of Labour supporters up and down the country to continuously put forward a positive vision of the UK. A vision where; utility, rail and mail, work for us the people. A vision where our NHS, social services and teachers are funded, not tax cuts to the bankers. A balanced vision where day-to-day spending is carefully matched to tax revenues, where we take advantage of historically low borrowing rates to rebuild Britain. We need an economy where there are well-paid secure jobs for everyone, one that invests in all parts of the UK, and grows our manufacturing & industrial sectors to match the London finance district. Only when we have achieved this can we reverse this Tory decline in living standards.

The country cries out for investment, we cry out for a vision towards a better future, and an end to this shambolic government.



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