Labour Firmly Overtake Tories in Scotland – New Polling

Today’s latest poll from Survation, the only pollster to accurately predict the result of the snap general election, has put Labour 3-points ahead of the Conservatives.

ahead in scotland

These results come as no surprise as just last month it was declared that Jeremy Corbyn is now the most popular politician in Scotland. We predict that the SNPs popularity will continue to steadily retreat until the likely election mid-2018.

Where the SNP loses out, a resurgent left-wing Labour will grow in strength, set to take over a dozen extra seats at the next election.

The Conservatives will not fair as well next time. Whilst Ruth Davidson is still a formidable Tory politician in Scotland, the next election will not be about retaining the UK union, it will be back to the bread and butter domestic issues, where the Scottish Conservatives fall short. Davidson’s own popularity holds strong, despite a downturn compared to 2016, however it will be Theresa May’s incompetent governance south of the border that brings her down.

approval ratings




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