The Conservatives, hypocrites, surprised?

As we enter 2018, it’s time to reflect just how turbulent 2017 was for politicians; Theresa May lost her majority, Damian Green was caught jacking off at work, and an entire scandal of sexual misconduct occurred that took casualties in both major parties.

The Labour party was hit with a particularly toxic scandal, when it was revealed the newly appointed MP for Sheffield Hallam, Jared O’Mara, had made extremely offensive comments online. Comments by O’Mara allegedly included calling women “sexy little slags”, labelling Sophie Evans an “ugly bitch”, and transphobic slurs. Labour and Conservative MPs were quick to react in disgust, their outrage ensured this unfortunate saga would remain in the news headlines for weeks (for good reason too). An article in the Guardian quotes Conservative Justine Greening, minister for women and equalities,

“Violent, sexist and homophobic language must have no place in our society, and parliamentarians of all parties have a duty to stamp out this sort of behaviour wherever we encounter it, and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“Will you be removing the whip from him while the investigation is carried out?”

Jared O’Mara was suspended from the Labour party, with the whip withdrawn.

Still waiting for female Conservative MPs to speak out against Toby Young…

Now contrast that with the latest scandal, the appointment of Toby Young, to the position of Universities Regulator. Not only is Toby Young entirely unqualified for the role, somehow beating several candidates who’ve dedicated their careers to University education, Toby Young also supports class war against the poor, and has a long history of sexist comments. Mr Young supports ‘progressive’ eugenics, where poorer people would breed based on intelligence. In 1988, Young wrote about working class students as ‘stains’, despite having had his father call the Oxford admissions office, when Mr Young failed to obtain the necessary entry grades himself.

Toby Young has made an endless number of disgusting comments online, almost always targeted at women, see below to judge for yourself:

Toby tweets
Toby Young has deleted over 5,000 tweets since his appointment to Universities Regulator.

Yet, the same Conservative MPs quick to denounce O’Mara’s behaviour are silent as this scandal grows bigger by the day. In fact, Boris & Jo Johnson have taken their time to reaffirm that Mr Young is the right man for the job. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that the Conservative party are the real hypocrites in politics, remember when Conservative MP, Anne Marie Morris, casually used the term “real n****r in the woodpile”?

You guessed it, after a short suspension period, Theresa May reinstated the disgraced MP without reason. If outright racism doesn’t prevent you from being a Conservative MP, what would?

Finally, if there were any shred of doubt in your mind that the Conservatives are full of hypocrites, just consider the Corbyn IRA smears. How could a party that based a sizable chunk of their mud-slinging campaign to connecting Corbyn to the IRA, have an ex-IRA member as a serving councillor? Maria Gatland, who is a Conservative councillor for Croydon, and openly celebrated the deaths of British soldiers & police.


Utter hypocrisy. Think more people deserve to know the truth about the Conservative party? Please share this article widely, thank you.


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