LE2018 – Tory HQ to enter panic mode as Corbyn government inevitable

Theresa May has exhausted her last remaining lifeline in the 2018 local elections and is in serious trouble for the next General Election.

Pro-Brexit UKIP voters shielded Theresa May from a complete collapse in local council seats outside of London, as the Conservatives still suffered a net loss of 30 councillors in a bruising night. However, having completely exhausted the reliable pro-Brexit voter base, BBC analysis reveals Jeremy Corbyn would become Prime Minister today, if this were a General Election.


Theresa May is relatively safe for the moment if she doesn’t call another snap election, however these results spell complete disaster, if she leaves it until after the Brexit negotiations are completed. That is if her own party doesn’t fracture apart over the Customs Union & Northern Ireland border beforehand.

Initial analysis of last nights results reveal a worrying pattern. Conservative gains are largely in heavy pro-Brexit areas, which are at a high risk of collapsing dramatically after the Brexit negotiations are finalised. This is because current ‘single-issue’ (Brexit) voters will turn their attention to domestic issues such as the; NHS, Police cuts, Social Care cuts, and the cost of living crisis. Labour has a solid lead in public opinion on all these issues, after several years of disastrous austerity cuts.

austerity too far

Elsewhere across England where the pro-Brexit vote was not the dominating factor, Labour have already made strong inroads, solidifying and building upon 2014’s high watermark result. More importantly Labour have made gains in areas that haven’t been red in decades. Ardur & Worthing in the south saw Labour gain councillors this election, mirroring the 17-19% swing towards Labour in the last snap election.

The mainstream media have been busy painting last night as a major failure for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, with saboteurs such as Chuka Umuna calling for an inquiry, however the numbers below speak for themselves!

LE 2018


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